About Us

Stanford Enterprises is a Design-Build remodeling contractor. The company is a Licensed Builder, in business since 1979, specializing in remodeling, repair and maintenance.

The Design-Build approach integrates your wish list into the building process, refining your dreams, down into a concrete plan of action that is the road map to turn, your dreams, into reality.

Many years of experience has taught us the pitfalls to avoid. Good design, a plan of attack and skillful installation is the ingredients for success. Good design involves not only pleasing the eye but also an efficient layout maximizing space utility. The other element of design is the selection of products integrated into the project. The STYLE of product is selected by the homeowner. New product technologies require the “correct” selection to achieve the proper “fit”. The customer can take advantage of the contractors experience in selection of quality products to assure maximum value.

Putting the pieces together or "Project Management" has been compared to conducting an orchestra with all the musicians in different unions. Tight control of the building process is essential in achieving the desired results. Having this will keep the project on schedule and within budget. If the pitfalls and normal difficulties, have been properly anticipated and dealt with, in the planning process, the final assembly will only need to deal with unforeseen surprises.

Drafting experience has taught me to think in 3-D. This allows me to “think” the project through to completion during the design process. This is the economical way to work out the details and solve problems before the job starts. Thorough planning is the foundation to a successful project. It creates an environment that allows the building process to be just a final assembly of the pieces and parts to the finished project.